The Fenix E21 Flashlight Detailed Review

Fenix E21 FlashlightThe Fenix E21 Flashlight is arguably one of the best tactical flashlight out there in the market today. If you in the market to get a new flashlight or to purchase a replacement for your old one then you can easily save yourself the hassles associated with sorting through and testing different brands and models of different flashlight in an attempt of finding a reliable one that you can totally depend upon in times of emergencies and needs. As we have already stated about; the Fenix E21 Flashlight is one of the best models out there but then you don’t have to take our word for it!

Let’s briefly run through some of the features that makes this model so popular and widely used by many folks.

When it comes flashlights that are considered best and reliable, it is expected that it should be easy to use, especially in the dark! Well, the E21 Fenix LED Flashlight doesn’t disappoint in that aspect as well! You can easily turn it on off by using the special switch, conveniently located on the tail cap! Also, when it comes to switching between high and low intensity light beam, it is also done very simply and quickly: all you’ll have to do is twist its head!

When it comes to battery life, the Fenix E21 Flashlight needs two AA batteries in order to work and they should last you about 11 hours on the low intensity setting and more 2 hours on the high setting!

Finally, since it is a LED flashlight, its bulb will pretty much last forever, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it!

The Fenix E21 Features at a glance:

Extremely Bright: Thanks to its state of the art Cree XP-E LED light bulb, the Fenix E21 will provide you with one of the brightest and most powerful light beams on the market! You can also switch between two light intensity modes, low and high, to extend the life of your batteries!

Built to Last Forever: The Fenix E21 Flashlight features an aircraft grade aluminum body, complete with a hard-anodized finish! This means that not only it’s virtually indestructible, it will also always look as good as new! Furthermore, its LED light bulb will never need to be replaced!

Very user Friendly: The E21 Flashlight by Fenix can be easily switched on or off via its specially designed tail cap switch and you can select your preferred light intensity setting simply by twisting its head!

Excellent Battery Life: The two AA batteries needed for the E21 Fenix to work will last for more than 11 hours on low intensity setting and more than two hours on high! Impressed and starting to see why the Fenix E21 is considered one of the best flashlights in the market?

Pros and Cons of Fenix E21


One of the brightest LED flashlights out there!

Really easy and simple to use even in complete darkness!

State of the art LED light bulb that will last you a life time!

Amazing build quality!

Great battery life! It only needs two AA batteries that will last for 11 hours on the low setting and more than 2 hours on the high setting!

Completely water resistant!

Great price on Click here to get it!


It doesn’t have a strobe light function.

Rechargeable batteries are not included in the package.


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Men’s Luxury Watch Buying Guide for 2016 and beyond

Gone are the days when owning just a single watch was sufficient. These days, folks want to own a collection of the best men’s watches each with its unique defining features and colors that will match differently on different attires. With these increasing demands and taste in wrist watches also comes great confusion and difficulty in making choices. Since manufacturers are not relenting on their effort in constantly going back to their drawing board to research and labs to research and come out with breath-taking watch designs that are packed with amazing features, it therefore becomes utmost difficult to make buying choices and decision.

luxury watches for men

To shop for the cool watches safely and get value for money spent, you have to carefully define what your preferences are in watches so that you will know the exact kind of watch to opt for without getting choked with the vast options readily available on the Internet and other retail stores. This guide is not limited to timepiece alone, but can also be used when shopping for other stuff like the best shoes for standing. So to help you fast track your watch shopping adventure, we have outlined and discussed some of the factors you should bear in mind when planning to shop for a new wrist watch.

Before we dive in, let’s briefly address this little mishap that is common among shoppers. Don’t base the value of a watch on its price! Although it may be true to some extent that the price of a watch reflect its value, it certainly is not true in all cases. In my opinion, some of the best automatic watches under 500 are more valuable and durable than most of the four-figure watches we see celebrities and famous actors dangle on their wrist.

The Core Points to Consider before buying any Watch

Invest in Reputable Brands – we all want value for our hard earned money. As such, investing in a watch brand that is not reputable or in the newly established brands with little or no publicity and reputation may not be the right move for our money. Research carefully on brands that are not only popular but also reputable and durable before buying. That way, your watch will last longer and serve your needs with little or no complications. Brands like Rolex, Tissot, Swiss Army (Known to produce best military watches for men), Casio and a host of others that have been around for more than a decade are reputable and worth investing into.

Numbers, Roman Numerals or Indices Hour indicators – another important factor worth considering when there is need to replace your old watch is defining what hour indicator styles you prefer. As stated above, you have the option of choosing between numbers, Arabic numerals, or indices styles. Luminous hands maybe an added bonus to enable you tell time easily and effortlessly even in a dark or poorly lighted room.

wrist watch strapsWatch Strap Design – They important question to ask and proffer answer is the style of watch band or strap that you are comfortable to have around your wrist. Here, you have the option of selecting either a leather, rubber or chain band bearing in mind that each of them have their unique areas of strength and weakness. Even when your ideal watch did not come shipped with your favored watch band, you cans still go ahead and place an order for it and later have the band changed to your desired one. The drawback here is you get to spend a little more on additional pair of watch band.

Digital or Analogue Watch? People like things differently. While some are more in favor of analogue watch, others take side with digital display watches. Define what your preference are and stick with it before going shopping.

That’s it! I hope you have not only enjoyed reading this article but have also taken to heart what core points to consider before deciding to part with your cash in exchange for any wrist watch.

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What Size Speakers are in My Car? Why it’s Vital to Know!

What size speakers are in my carA lot of people think that when it comes to getting a new car speaker for their automobile that having a fat budget and knowing where to shop is all that is deemed important. Well how wrong and misguided are such folks. In today’s world where technology is improving at an alarming rate, getting a speaker for your car that will play to your listening pleasure goes far beyond just having the required budget and knowing where to spend it on to include other vital factors one of such includes; having a prior knowledge of what size speakers are fitted in your automobile.

Why such prior knowledge is deemed important is what we will be discussing in the following paragraphs. Also, we will be chipping in a few other factors that are also deemed necessary whenever you find yourself in need of any of the best competition subwoofers that are sold both online and in local automobile retail stores.

What Size Speakers are in My Car: Why you should take the time to Find Out.

Taking the time to really find out what size of subwoofers are fitted into your automobile is considered very important and vital especially for those that will be doing the replacement themselves without hiring a professional handyman to help them with the car speaker replacement task.

Knowing which size of subs that was custom built into your automobile will help you pick an aftermarket brand and model that will not require any extra additional job on your part like having to drill more and expand the custom receptacles provisions before fitting the new ones into it. A professional handyman doing such jobs for a living may not face any challenge or difficulties since he may already own the required tools for such extra work unlike you that may have to incur some extra cost procuring the tool and the inconveniences and time involved in having the learn how operate and use the newly acquired tool properly.

Other Things worth Knowing…

Aside from taking proper note of the type and size of speakers that was custom built into your automobile, a few other things worth taking note of includes; the power rating of the subwoofers and speakers (both the PEAK and RMS ratings are equally important)

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Best Shoes for Standing All Day – The Ultimate Guide

shoes for standing all dayThe best shoes for standing on concrete all day and other hard surfaces is a must have especially for those whose profession requires them to be on their foot for the greater part of the day. The benefits of using these kind of footwear can never be overemphasized. For one you can go about your work all day long without worries of developing blisters on your toes. Also they help to prevent any chances of developing serous foot injuries in some cases it has even helped to heal foot injuries.

In this article, our primary focus will be on helping our fans and esteemed readers find and buy cheap and affordable shoes that will enable them to stain and work all day long at their various work stations without foot injury hazards.

Best Shoes for Standing All Day Shopping Checklist

So in the paragraphs that proceed this, we will be highlighting some of the factors you should carefully consider before making a buying decision for any walk footwear especially if you want to get the full value of your monetary investment.

Know your Foot Size: perhaps the most important to consider when planning on getting a new pair of footwear for your work is the size of your foot. This is of utmost importance as it will enable get the right fit for your foot. If you are don’t know or not of your ideal foot size don’t panic as there are lots of ways you can utilize to discover what your right foot size is.

One of the ways that you can learn about this is by simply the distance between your rare heel to the front toe and then using a measuring tape to determine the true length. One thing to note when doing this is ensure that you are standing erect and not bending as doing so might disrupt the actual measurement.

Time for Shoe Shopping: This is another important and crucial factor that should be consider with utmost importance. Knowing the right time to go shoe shopping is a vital determinant in being able or not being able to buy shoes that are perfect fit.

From experience, it is best to engage in such activities when you must exhausted yourself working all day and your work hour is gradually coming to an end. Why is this important? Because research has revealed that people foot tend to expand depending on how busy they are actively involved in the day-to-day work at their offices. So it is in your own self best interest to wait until your foot have expanded to their limits before going out to search for a new pair of footwear to purchase.

Test it properly before Making Payment: a lot of people have fallen into the mistake of hurriedly paying for a nice pair of foot-gear they just stumbled on without properly testing it out whether or not it will be comfortable on their foot after an extended period of continuous usage.

Don’t be in a hurry! Take time to test the shoe and if the shop has a treadmill don’t be shy to take it on the spin because if you don’t you might leave to regret your decision at a later date when the footwear become very uncomfortable rather than being comfy.

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How to Find Top Mens Watches Under 200

mens watches under 200If you find yourself reading this then I’m assuming that you are very much interested in learning how to find top mens watches under 200 dollars. If my assumption is right then I urge you to read on and learn in easy to understand and follow steps how this can be achieved.

There are many reasons why men sort after these kinds of timepiece. For one, they are very cheap and highly affordable. Also, not only are they cheap and highly affordable they are also of high quality thus enabling you to have full value for every single penny invested in acquiring them.

Top Mens Watches under 200: What to Consider

Brand – this is perhaps one of the most important thing to bear in mind when you are planning to add to your stock of already own wrist watches. Brand is important because it can give a real insight into the quality and value of a timepiece at a single glance. It can also enable you to narrow down your options to the ones that really suit your needs and preferences.

There are also different brands of watches for every needs. Whether you are looking for a military timepiece, an aviation timepiece or a sporty kind of timepiece to track your workout performance there is one for you. Also for those that delight themselves in formal and corporate outfits, you can still find some nice dress watches under 200 that you can buy for use in complementing your outfit.

Look through Reviews – A lot of folks ignore panning through reviews left by other prior buyers of the timepiece that they are now interested in buying. In doing so, little are they aware of the goldmine of information that they are leaving behind. By simply taking advantage of these reviews, you can learn a lot thus knowing which brand and models of watches are best to patronize and which are to be completely avoided.

Amazon online market place is an example of a place you can find reviews left by other buyers which you can use as basis for making your buying decisions. Ever since I discovered this simple trick, I can’t recall the last time I shop off Amazon online store without first taking the time to peruse through some of the reviews and comments left by other buyers just like me.

You be mindful of how you depend on such reviews and allow them to influence your final buying decision especially if you are on another online merchant site that is not very popular and well-known as some of those reviews might be sponsored by the sellers to help paint a better image of a product that is not living up its full expectation and potential.

Ask a Friend – don’t be intimidated or shy in asking for more information including informatiqon of where you find and buy same exact brand and model of watches that your friend or colleague has that you fancy. This will save you lots of time and energy that would have been wasted visiting different stores or surfing one merchant website upon another.

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